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I’m excited to announce that this piece, Surreal: When the Artist Becomes the Art has been selected to be included in the show, Hello Dali, a Salvador Dali themed show. Please join me opening night Saturday, June 8th from 7:00 pm-1:00 am at The Factory, 1128 Washington Ave, St. Louis, Missouri. The event will have music and a cash bar. $5 to enter.20130527-003011.jpg
24″ x 24″, Acrylic on Canvas, $500


It’s Your Day.

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

The Miracle


Today’s art: Obstacles to Love, 24″ x 48″, Oil on Canvas. Sold. Print available.
Today’s Soundtrack: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Mavin Gaye

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is
a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
~Albert Einstein

If you woke up tomorrow and over night a miracle had happened, how would you know?

The “Miracle Question” is a concept purposed in the book, Switch by brothers, Dan Heath and Chip Heath. It’s a brilliant exercise for a couple of reasons. The first is that for those who don’t exactly know what their goals are, the exercise can assist in that determination. Second, it will help focus and prioritize goals for those who know what they want but aren’t sure where to start.

How would you know a miracle had happened? Describe it. What does it literally look like?

Here’s mine;
I wake and the house is clutter free and in good repair.
My partner is next to me.
I smell coffee and I didn’t make it.

Wow. Totally attainable.

That’s the point.

If I can imagine what my life is like if I wake up to a miracle, I can define what I want most. I can break it down into steps. I can make a home maintenance plan, figure out what clutter needs to go, and I can communicate with my partner what I need and want for our relationship. No miracles necessary. Only the understanding of what I want most and the comprehension and plan of implementation.

What would your life look like if you woke up to a miracle?

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

The Open Heart


Today’s art: The Choir, Watercolor, Print Available
Today’s Soundtrack: I’m Interested, India Arie

“Never close your lips to those to whom you have opened your heart.”
~Charles Dickens


We try to maintain control of our lives. Or the illusion of control. In an effort to cultivate and protect ourselves, to maintain control, we sometimes make choices that are not to our benefit or to the benefit of those around us. That’s when we stop growing. Like a fish in a pond. The fish will only grow to the size the pond can accommodate.

What stops us from wanting to grow?

Fear does this.

People protect their fears in the cleverest of ways…

“Hey, look over there!”  – The Distraction
“Me? What about you?” – The Switcheroo
“What problem?” – The Denial

But it really boils down to this;
Sometimes we’re asked to step up to the plate. Asked to be a part of something bigger than just oneself.

When that question arrives, what will you do?

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

Equal Exchange…


Today’s art: Untitled Nude, Watercolor. Sold. Print Available
Today’s Soundtrack: Vikingman, Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Women’s rights is not only an abstraction, a cause; it is also a personal affair. It is not only about us; it is also about me and you. Just the two of us.” ~Toni Morrison

My topic for today is equality. It’s easy to feel frustrated or angry when it is obviously lacking, such as when a verdict is handed down that seems too lenient (or too harsh,) when a kid gets bullied at school, or when rules or laws offer protection to businesses rather than people.

How do you react when there is a lack of equality toward you?

I can tell you how I react. I am generally frustrated by it. But it’s only a precursor to the real emotion of it; anger.

Ah, anger.

That is one scary emotion. Anger is not just a destructive emotion. It’s a warning. A signal that something’s wrong. There’s an injustice. Now are one’s perceptions always accurate? No. That’s why how you respond to your anger is really important to your relationships. I remember explaining to my daughter early to be very careful when she was angry because that’s when she had unusual strength. She learned that the hard way (as many of her lessons were) when she threw a toy horse because it was the closest thing to her at that moment. It broke. And she hurt herself because I was not able to fix the horse. I wish I could have, because that would have been a good lesson, too. When she was older, I encouraged her to write letters to the friend she was struggling with when she felt angry. Then I asked her to read the letter out loud. In the places where she was insulting or lacked intellect, I told her to remove her anger and replace it with facts, to stay on task, and to state why she felt things were unfair and to use phrases such as, “that makes me feel” or “it hurts me when…” I knew she had really gotten my message when during one particularly difficult letter writing session she declared in complete disgust, that she had to rewrite the letter because she heard my voice telling her to not insult. I felt like she had some good arguing skills at that point.

Standing up for yourself is not easy. Especially when the person has power over you. These are the people you have an investment in. Either emotional or financial. In fact, it’s really scary. Most people don’t stand up for themselves until they are so angry that they have super powers. That is not the best time to have a fight. Lot’s of damage can be done. As they say, cooler heads will prevail.

Of course, I’m big on writing letters. I mean the plural letters. The first letter I call verbal barfing. You may write in bullet points. Random thoughts regarding the situation. No regard for spelling, punctuation, or sentence structure. It becomes a purge. It’s a very good thing. It is not intended to be read by anyone other than you. The second letter will have clearer sentence structure and will still be full of pain. The third letter will have a comfort to it the others do not. That’s because the magic of writing is that somewhere along the way you connect with your higher source and some clarity starts to shape the more your write. A catharsis is taking place. The pain can be evaluated much more objectively. This is so effective, you may not to even have to deliver the final letter. The process of writing can be enough to remove the conflict within. Or at least diffuse it. The side benefit to writing these letters is that they can assist you in the formulation of thoughts as a face to face confrontation is taking place.

As a blog writer, writing for the benefit of blog readers, I do believe I am preaching to the choir.

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

I am grateful today for the ability to form my thoughts and concerns, for alternative ways to make a living, my awesome car, trash day (get it out of here!), to have someone to contemplate the future with.

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Rolling Down the Hill.


Today’s art: Imp, ATC 2.5″ x 3.5″, Folk Art Watercolor, Print Available
Today’s Soundtrack: Brass in Pocket, The Pretenders

“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you. 
~Wayne Dyer

When I sit down to write my daily post, I don’t have a  plan. Sometimes I have a loose topic that I think I will choose to write about, but it usually has only come into my mind since waking. The reason I don’t plan ahead is two fold. The first is that the process of writing is for my benefit. For my creative benefit, for brain development, for my soul’s benefit. If I am to use this process the way that Julia Cameron has recommended in her book, The Artist’s Way, then it is the free association part of the writing that does this. To plan and plot ahead of time is for entertainment purposes. I have other ways I can entertain people. The second reason for not having a plan prior to writing is that it frees me from the responsibility. If I commit to making the purpose of this writing an exercise in creativity, then I let my higher source led the discussion. That in of itself is an exercise in creativity. Perhaps that’s the real gist of the whole exercise…

When one really considers it, creativity is our way of emulating God.

I won’t get too heavy on the whole God thing. Mostly because I don’t have the answers. Nor do I believe does any one person or one church, temple, or mosque. My relationship with God is personal. No one has more of a connection to him than I do. But I do know this…I have a higher source helping me, guiding me, connecting me to others. I don’t have to carry everything. I ask for what I want and need. If it is in the best interest of everyone involved, it will come to be.

This is leading me back to positive affirmations. There are a lot of good books on the matter, so I don’t think I need to go into detail, but positive present tense affirmations repeated frequently not only become embedded as part of your memory, they are also a declaration to your higher source, a prayer if you will, that this is your intent. Intention, creates motion, it creates energy, movement, and of course motion begets motion. The snowball effect.

So here’s how today’s post is shaping up:

Our daily experiment. No negative self talk. None. If you catch yourself in some, stop and replace with a positive present tense affirmation. Here are a couple you can use. I am kind. I am intelligent. I am an asset to the company I work for. I am a good friend. I have a great smile. I’m very good at story telling.

Easy, huh?

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

I am grateful today for the love I have for my Guapo, for the smoothie I had for breakfast, for the freedom I have to write my own future, for my healthy body, for my kind neighbors.

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It’s a Matter of Discipline…Or Is It?

daliToday’s art: Surreal: When the Artist Becomes the Art, 24″ x 24″, Acrylic on Canvas, Available
Today’s Soundtrack: What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” ~Albert Camus

Ever since the results of my Soul Fight have become obvious, I have had the word “disciplined” attached to me. At first, I shrugged it off. No need to argue, assume it’s a compliment, and say thank you. : ) But as I started to hear it more and more, I became uncomfortable. I did not want to be associated with such a term.

I finally had to ask myself why. Being disciplined is a quality people aspire to be. They want to understand how one achieves it. They understand it is an integral key to success. They mean as a compliment. As a compliment similar to the ones I get for my art and music. Either you have it or you don’t. Like it’s some unachievable brass ring they could never reach.

Guess what? Discipline is not difficult. In fact, it’s been so easy that I didn’t initially believe that I had earned such a label. That label was reserved for people who wake up at crack of dawn, exercise daily, are focused on their goals and are successful in career and life. Then it hit me. That’s me! What? How did this happen? I’m disciplined? Wow! It’s a miracle! : )

It really boils down to a few simple instructions. Really.

  • If you have dreams, and please tell me you have dreams, you can make them your goals.
  • Have an emotional reason for your goal. This is the best motivator.
  • Be specific. In his book, Burn the Fat, Build the Muscle, Tom Venuto writes if you were the captain of ship, you would not plan your journey by simply saying you’re heading west. If you did, you would aimlessly travel the sea without getting to any special destination. Instead, you would have a latitude and longitude and a map with a very specific end point. Do that.
  • Have deadlines attached to your goals. We have to have them in order to keep goals a priority and to keep them in focus. It also assists in deflecting distractions, both good and bad.
  • Set a schedule with your deadlines in mind.

Discipline has a recipe. This is basically it. Set up goals for everything you want. Whether it be career, fitness, social, spiritual or a hobby. Be defined about what you want and proceed from there.

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

I am grateful today for the love I have for my partner, for the work in progress on my easel, for the joy in my heart, for the man who repaired my lawn mower!, for my curiosity .


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