The Gift of Discontent


I reacted to a meme I read this morning that stated that music has a “function.” That got me thinking about music and the arts as a “function” of society. I was unhappy with the word function because it is a word that was assigned by, or for, the benefit of the left brain dominate people who might read it. I don’t generally make art or music for the benefit of left brain dominate people. If they dig it, great. If they tap into their creative side when they listen, great.

After having analyzed this at 5:30 in the morning for approximately 30 minutes or so I recognized that I feel very discontent. On any other morning I would’ve just read that meme and kept on going, but this morning I was in a bit of fighting mood.

My goal these days is to not harbor anger. To not harbor resentment. To relinquish control when I have none. So, feeling like I wanted to fight over the word “function” and it’s association to music, lead me to believe I needed to do some soul-searching.

I recognize I woke up this morning feeling discontented. I also know that once I recognize the specific emotion that might be associated negatively, I have already begun the process of freeing myself of it.

Here’s how I’m going to do it: I’m going to look at my discontentment as my benefactor.
How? By looking at it’s bright side. How can discontentment have a bright side?

Let me use a metaphor. You’re walking down the road of life. You’ve got a nice pair shoes. You’re trucking along. Things are going pretty smooth. At some point along the way, a little pebble gets in your shoe. And after walking a few feet you feel that it’s there. It doesn’t exactly hurt, but it’s uncomfortable. One might label it as Discontent. At that exact moment it would be appropriate to stop, take off your shoe, and remove the pebble. But that’s not what you do. No. You forge ahead.

If you continue with the pebble in the shoe, there comes a point where that pebble very well might embed itself into your foot. Now it’s not just a little Discontent. It’s a pain. A literal pain. It’s become tangible and the longer it goes on, the deeper it gets and the more painful it becomes. The more the pebble, and the pain and injury associated with it, becomes a part of one’s life.

It becomes the boss.
It dictates the way you walk.
It dictates how you will proceed throughout your day.
It owns you.

Discontent is your gift. Discontent is your warning. Discontent is your Higher Source telling you to look around, be observant, pay attention.

Something is wrong.

Think about what an amazing gift that is.

Today, I ask you to listen to your discontent. Don’t ignore it.

You have a pebble to remove.


With love,


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