When to Stop or Try Harder?


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Today’s Soundtrack: Autumn Music 1, Max Richter, Songs From Before

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” ~The Clash

Truly one of the most difficult decisions anyone must make is whether to walk away or try harder. When one is faced with such a dilemma, it is almost assuredly a decision that is weighted heavily. The consequences far reaching. Perhaps life changing.

How can one make the right decision? It is ingrained in us as Americans to keep going. Perhaps it’s also part of your heritage. I often joke I get my work ethic from the German half of me. Get it done. Take care of it. Make it happen.

Sometimes your very best efforts do not produce the desired results. No matter how you try. No matter how much time you give it. No matter how many affirmations you write. No matter how much you pray.

What then? Sometimes it means we do nothing and let things naturally evolve. Sometimes it may mean another approach. Sometimes it means walking away.

It always means relinquishing control.

That is really the difficulty:
Being asked to trust the Higher Source.
To guide you.
To give you answers.
To give you peace.

The important thing to remember is that you know you are on the right path.
You are learning exactly the lessons you need to learn.


With love,


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