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Today’s Soundtrack: I Can See Clearly Now, Johnny Nash

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

I spent the weekend at The Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis this weekend. We saw some amazing talent. Iconic talent. Soon to be iconic talent. It was incredible. It was magical. It was inspiring.

It was hard.

We had trouble, big trouble, printing out our tickets. It almost had my daughter in tears. She regretted not having done it at her leisure days prior to having needing them. Lesson learned. When we got there, we were unprepared for what the rain of the last many days had done to the grounds. Add 100,000 people and the grounds turned into mud. Ankle deep mud. My shoes were stolen by this mud and I had to give up trying to wear them.


But that mud got me thinking about it as a metaphor for being figuratively stuck, too. That got me thinking about creative blocks, lack of motion in general, and what to do in such situations.

This what I learned about my 500 feet of mud travel:

  • I must have a goal, in this case a  final destination, or I am aimlessly wandering about. I will get lost. I will waste time and energy.
  • Once I have a destination, I must make a plan. I must have a strategy or two to make the goal happen.
  • I must be able to navigate past, around, or through obstacles without letting them take too much of my time, allowing them to divert me, or stopping me all together from my final destination.
  • I must have a deadline.

The mud has reminded me that my goals need to be revisited frequently. I now believe I need to incorporate weekly meetings with myself to evaluate how my goals are being met or on their way to being met.

This is a process. I’m learning every day.

My recommendation? Look at your goals today. Put them somewhere you can see them clearly. : )
If you’d like, you can post them in the comments section.

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,


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