Creativity: Mind, Body, Soul.


Today’s art: He Loves Me, 20″ x 16″, Oil on Canvas, WIP, By Pamela Devine – Available
Today’s Soundtrack: Brazilia, Robert Michaels

“Leap, and the net will appear.” ~Julia Cameron

I have been blogging daily in order to combine two purposes simultaneously.

First Purpose of Blogging: Cause You Should.
It has been suggested that I blog by at least 5 people. When I continue to hear the same message repeatedly, I know I need to pay attention. It’s no mistake. Most of these people are entrepreneurial consultants. Self-marketing is hard. How does one promote themselves without sounding like an arrogant bragger? To each person who suggested it, I asked, “What will I talk about?”

Each in his or her own way said, “Talk about your journey.”

That, I understood.

Since my soul flight took off, I’ve lost over 100 pounds. There are two things I’ve heard a lot during my transformation. The first was that I was “inspiring.” That was a by-product of my journey I had not expected. I was flattered and surprised by it. I had to “check-in” with myself to see if I was ready for the responsibility of a role model. I am. I have been learning leadership skills and gathering practical knowledge on management for years now and it is a good time to implement what I have learned.

The other comment I heard about my journey was that I was “glowing.” I’ll bet I’ve heard it at least a dozen times. I found that to be very interesting. Several women asked if I was in love. I am. : ) I can’t help you find your soul mate, but I can tell you how I plotted out my journey. The Universe, or God, or your Higher Source will put you on the path to the lessons you need to learn and give you the resources required to live your life’s purpose. But like any prayer, you need to say what you’re asking for.

And along the way, you may very well find your soul mate (or affirm that you already have.)

Second Purpose of Blogging: Cause you should! I’ll bet I bought my first copy of Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way when it first came out. I can say that I have owned at least 3 copies of this book. I kept loaning it out and not getting it back. I found my last copy, in rough condition, in the basement as I was setting up my studio. How apropos… Honestly, I have not cracked it open since I found it. I have never fully read this book. There’s a reason for that. This will affirm that I am stubborn and have a rebellious streak. One of the prescriptions Julia Cameron has in her book, is to hand write three pages of “whatever” first thing in the morning. My memory of it was that it was something of a requirement. That is all I have taken from the book. And that’s where it ended for me. I figuratively folded my arms across my chest, jutted out my jaw, an applied a scowl. “Why does it have to be in the morning? Why does it have to be three pages? Hand written? Really? Ummm…No.” And that was that. I don’t even know if my memory is based in reality. I will be reading the book this time round.

Ultimately, I understood her reasons for the concept: The morning is a good time for your brain. Perhaps the best time. The hand writing thing is an effort to connect your body with your thoughts (again, I can’t swear she even suggested this part,) and the three pages was what she discovered got her to another level of consciousness. I thought these were all excellent reasons, but I still found the whole thing overwhelming and restrictive.

This time around, I am giving myself permission to modify her prescription to better suit my needs and my rebellious side. I am not confining the length nor am I hand writing. I think sometimes we need to define for ourselves how our process will go.

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

I am grateful today for the one who I love most, my excellent health, the lessons I’m learning, for the sun shine pouring into my studio, and for my brilliant future.


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