Lazy Sunday…


Today’s art: Love Graffiti, 40″ x 20″, Oil on Canvas, Available
Today’s Soundtrack: Merengue Gitano, Mark Towns

In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.”  ~Leo Tolstoy

I woke up this morning at 4:30ish. I really wanted to fall back to sleep. I was really tired, but my brain woke up and was ready to go! What to do today? Of course, coffee and blog, but what else? How about paint, laundry, yard work and maybe later a swim?

Today’s possibilities are endless. I have something I could do every minute without hesitation. And the day will be full. And at the end of it, I want something to show for it. Sunday or not.

I’ve come to realize I am happiest when I am productive. When I accomplish what needs to be accomplished. That I keep the agreements I make with myself. When I do what I agree I will do, I trust myself. I trust that I can take good care of myself. That gives me a sense of honor and respect.

All that from doing a load laundry? Yep! It’s all so easy. Just get up and start. The tug of war we have with ourselves whether we should or shouldn’t is unproductive energy culminating in stress and worry. It distracts from accomplishing one’s goals. So, if you have the rule “work before pleasure” and you don’t do your work, then the pleasure is less pleasurable.

So, have yourself a lazy Sunday. After you knock off a couple of necessary things on the “To Do” list. It will make the fun so much more fun and it will support the up coming week.

So, what will you do today?

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

I am grateful today for love I have for my partner, for the work in progress on my easel, for the joy in my heart, for my bicycle, for my desire to constantly understand.

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