Rolling Down the Hill.


Today’s art: Imp, ATC 2.5″ x 3.5″, Folk Art Watercolor, Print Available
Today’s Soundtrack: Brass in Pocket, The Pretenders

“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you. 
~Wayne Dyer

When I sit down to write my daily post, I don’t have a  plan. Sometimes I have a loose topic that I think I will choose to write about, but it usually has only come into my mind since waking. The reason I don’t plan ahead is two fold. The first is that the process of writing is for my benefit. For my creative benefit, for brain development, for my soul’s benefit. If I am to use this process the way that Julia Cameron has recommended in her book, The Artist’s Way, then it is the free association part of the writing that does this. To plan and plot ahead of time is for entertainment purposes. I have other ways I can entertain people. The second reason for not having a plan prior to writing is that it frees me from the responsibility. If I commit to making the purpose of this writing an exercise in creativity, then I let my higher source led the discussion. That in of itself is an exercise in creativity. Perhaps that’s the real gist of the whole exercise…

When one really considers it, creativity is our way of emulating God.

I won’t get too heavy on the whole God thing. Mostly because I don’t have the answers. Nor do I believe does any one person or one church, temple, or mosque. My relationship with God is personal. No one has more of a connection to him than I do. But I do know this…I have a higher source helping me, guiding me, connecting me to others. I don’t have to carry everything. I ask for what I want and need. If it is in the best interest of everyone involved, it will come to be.

This is leading me back to positive affirmations. There are a lot of good books on the matter, so I don’t think I need to go into detail, but positive present tense affirmations repeated frequently not only become embedded as part of your memory, they are also a declaration to your higher source, a prayer if you will, that this is your intent. Intention, creates motion, it creates energy, movement, and of course motion begets motion. The snowball effect.

So here’s how today’s post is shaping up:

Our daily experiment. No negative self talk. None. If you catch yourself in some, stop and replace with a positive present tense affirmation. Here are a couple you can use. I am kind. I am intelligent. I am an asset to the company I work for. I am a good friend. I have a great smile. I’m very good at story telling.

Easy, huh?

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.


With love,

I am grateful today for the love I have for my Guapo, for the smoothie I had for breakfast, for the freedom I have to write my own future, for my healthy body, for my kind neighbors.

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