The Thing About Networking…


“Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.” ~Deepak Chopra

When you are self employed, the most important thing you must learn to do is to market your service or product. If you study today marketing suggestions, and it is important that you do because your daddy’s marketing strategy isn’t practical these days, you will find the top suggestion to be networking.

For the person who is somewhat shy or introverted, the concept of networking escapes them. It feels like the suggestion is to meet as many people as possible, shake their hand and act like a used car salesman or worse, a politician. As someone who calls herself an out-going introvert, I became exhausted at the thought of attending some networking event where everyone has a desperate scent to them. Yuk.

Know that your talent, product, service, or whatever you have to offer, probably has an a buyer. The trick is to find that buyer. Oddly, your product or service doesn’t have to be glamorous or even particularly above mediocre. For example, in the world of music, there are plenty of mediocre singers, but the difference is that the successful wanted it. Were focused on success. Had follow through on leads and communication. They had drive, ambition, hunger.

But above all. They didn’t give up.

Life is easier for people who are out-going. Why is that?

Maybe because they are more likely to get their needs met.

They likely don’t spend too much time being lonely. They likely have a life partner. And if that relationship fails, they don’t fester over that loss too long before they have found another. That probably translates into a healthy sex life. Out-going people make friends easily. They laugh a lot. They go out and socialize, because it’s fun. They have a network of friends they call when anything needs to get done. If the car needs work, they’ve made friends with a mechanic. If the house needs a new roof, there’s a friend for that. Wondering what hotel to choose when going to the Caribbean? That’s right, one of the people in your network was just there, so they can give you a review of the one where they stayed.

The point of networking is to make friends. To build relationships. To collect the talent and skills of the people you meet so you can become a resource for others. Your friends know your skills and talent and when an opportunity arises, they will think of you. One builds these relationships over time. Over repeated attendance to networking meetings. Over cups of coffee and conversation about the mundane daily goings on.

Networking is just about making friends.

Making friends? That sounds fun. That sounds easy. That sounds comfortable.

That I can do.

And that is what I’m doing here. If you’re reading this, tell me about your skills and talent. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s start the process of becoming friends.

: )

It’s your day. Go get it.




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