TV, Number 1, What’s Next?


Get The Santa Song Now on iTunes!

I performed live on Fox News Friday morning. Had a blast! Here’s a link: 9AM with Tim Ezell, Fox2
Don’t forget the video that started it all…Santa Song Music Video

I’m excited to announce, I made the number 1 spot on ReverbNation’s St. Louis R&B/Soul charts. This morning an emailed from them explained that because of my friends, fans, followers, and FAMILY’s love and support, and the sharing and purchase of the links and music, my music was propelled to number 1!

I want to send a special shout out to all my fellow musicians, and songwriters who have sent me well wishes, cheered me on, shared my links, encouraged me, and wished me well in 2013! I will not forget the support I got from each and every one of you! There is no town in the world like St. Louis for music. None!

Here’s a link to the song that inspired the placement on iTunes, a self produced music video, which inspired the Fox Tim Ezell show appearance, that rolled into the top spot on ReverbNation! It’s such a beautiful thing! Please share this status. Your continued support is propelling the purpose, the goals, and message of this music which is joy, hope, and love!

Namaste and Merry Christmas!


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