The Voice Audition

“The problem is, you think you have time.” Buddha

I’m chasing a dream.

For many years, I couldn’t do it. I didn”t have the heart for it. I couldn’t define why I wanted it. I am singer songwriter.

For many years I was a frustrated songwriter. I don’t play an instrument and I don’t know how to arrange music, but over the years, I tried to work with musicians to get the music arranged, but it didn’t stick.

With the proper tools (an iPad and Garageband) I’ve been able to do it and this year i will finally finish the album I have been waiting 25 years to complete. It is really nothing short of a miracle. Truly.

On Saturday, I’m heading for Nashville to audition for the TV show, “The Voice.” The competition will be incomprehensible, but you know how dreams are. 🙂

I’m seeking sponsors for the trip. Take a look at this page and if you think you can do so, it will help make the trip realistic. Thanks for traveling with me on this journey and your encouragement. It means so much to me.




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