I am thankful…

This morning I am thankful.

My daughter is here to share Thanksgiving with me. She and I are very close. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but then she’ll describe a friend with whom she has much in common, and one of those traits will be, “he’s really tight with his mom, too.”

It’s hard not to have a heart swell.

My daughter isn’t one to compliment me. She once or twice alluded to being able to take for granted that I know and understand how much she loves me. I thought that was interesting. Of course, we exchange “I love yous” frequently. But to hear she thinks I’m a good mom, has been rather infrequent.

But when she has expressed it, it has been positively overwhelming.

Twice she has suggested that if someone could just experience my particular form of love, she thought it would fix/heal/help them. Once, very recently. But the first time was when she took a social work class and mentored a teen girl in a foster care facility. The girl was aging out and there was going to be an important meeting between the girl and her social worker regarding whether they could extend her care. She was almost two from finishing high school. To end her care would mean sending her out into the world completely unprepared. My daughter, was extremely concerned about her and asked me to take her. I asked her to tell me why she thought this was important. Essentially she thought this girl deserved to be loved and that my love would be what she needed.


I have a few regrets about the way I raised her, but they do not include making sure she knew, and knows, that I love her. That was my number 1 priority: That she knows without any doubt that I love her.

She does.

Happy Thanskgiving, my friends.

Sending love wherever it’s needed. ❤



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