What I have forgotten since Mike Brown’s Death.

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise so I want to change myself.” ~Rumi


In 2014 I moved toward making love my religion. My guide. My only law.

It is a practice. It has to be consciously chosen. Every day. Sometimes every minute. It is a choice made during every interaction I encounter, but only if I am aware.

It is easy for our political leaders to divide us. It is easy for those with an agenda to create fear within us. Sometimes there are real reasons to be afraid. Like during civil unrest.

Sometimes there are times when our problems are so huge, so overwhelming, so on going, we become immobilized.

And love is the last thing that comes to mind as a response.

I have heard and read and seen so much hate, anger, and hurt since Mike Brown’s death, that I forgot about the truth.

The truth is, love is the answer.

I have to turn to love.
When the day and the people are mundane and friendly.
When the day is hard and filled with difficult emotions.
The answer remains the same.

It is love.

For today,
For this moment,
I will express love,
compassion ,
and non-judgement
to all I encounter
and to myself.

And I will know peace.

Namaste, my friends.



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