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Sharing recipes…

I know two women who are killing themselves with drugs right now.

If I were only looking at their Facebook pages I would think they are in perfect shape.

They post nothing but recipes.

The other thing they have in common is their age. They are both in their 50s.

I don’t need to judge that. I simply find it curious. Here they are dying. Killing themselves, essentially. But they take time out to post a delicious recipe on Facebook. I find it confusing and very sad.

I hate drugs. Both of these women became addicted to legal drugs. It later developed into an illegal drug addiction. I hate it.

Here’s to hope, love, and peace.

Namaste, my friends.



Need a Resolution? Why yes, please!

Turn from the negative…
Replace with a positive.

Going further…

The second you recognize what you’re hearing, saying, or thinking is negative, stop engaging in it.

Your coworker complaining about the boss?
Your friend gossiping?
Are you criticizing yourself?
Snipping at your children, your spouse, or partner?
Watching the latest news tragedy being repeated for the 40th time?
Reading your social network feed blaring all the inequities in the world one after another?

The second you recognize it, is the second you’ve had enough.
Turn from it and engage in something positive.

Kiss your spouse. Passionately.
Smile at your coworker.
Turn off the TV, computer, newsfeed.
Watch a cute video.
Listen to music.
Hug your kids.
Say I love you. To everyone.
Write down everything you love about your job.

When you turn from negative and replace with positive,
you are choosing love. This will raise your vibration.

Choose love.

Namaste, my friends.



Me and U

I am really hard on myself.

I’m never doing enough. Being productive enough. I’ve never realized my goals. I’m always in the process of realizing my goals. I’m always in a state of flux.

As I was writing this, I’m reminded of a very valuable section in the book, Switch by brothers Heath, Dan and Chip. I highly recommend you read this book if you have plans of world domination as I do. In it, one of the gems I culled was the concept of the U.

We make elaborate plans and goals. We think of it pragmatically. I’m here, I want to be there. I will draw a straight line from here to there. I will go to there. πŸ™‚

If you know a person, or maybe it’s you, who has a home full of partially finished projects it’s because they are stuck at the bottom of the U.

Here’s my metaphor: You’re going to remodel your 1940s kitchen. You go to the designer with measurements. Together, you decide you’ll take out a partition wall, replace the cabinets, floor, sink and all appliances. The designer gave you a computer generated image of the final result.
Whoot! 6 weeks and that kitchen is yours!

The first day, they pull out all the cabinets. They knock out the partition wall. One of the workers accidentally hits the ladder against the light fixture and brakes it. Just as the dust is settling from the demo, you decide to peek in at the progress.

What you see is rubble. Your kitchen is demolished. It is completely unusable. Your heart falls. What have I done? You think. I have ruined my perfectly functioning kitchen. I completely devalued the house. I purposely did this!

Every project, every goal has a path. It’s shaped like a U. It’s not a linear plane that travels smoothly from beginning to end. If you walk into that kitchen and forget the ultimate goal, the reason for the demolition, you will be overwhelmed by the mess you have created. If you don’t keep a laser sharp focus on the intended final result, you will get side tracked, overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, maybe feel defeated.

Hey, it’s ok! You’re just at the bottom of the U. That’s all. There is point in every painting I want to take it and hurl it like a frisbee across the room. I’m at the bottom of the U. I know that if I keep working there will be a point I step back and think, There we go! Now we’re talking!

The only failure, the only failure, you will ever have is the one you declare.

It will not be a failure if you finish the U.

Get to work. πŸ™‚

Namaste, my friends.


It’s true…

My dream of love never dies.


The loveliness of Sundays

I don’t have to do anything on Sundays.


I could do laundry. And I might. But I don’t have to.
I might clean the house, wash the car, work on my screen play, a painting, a song, scour the internet for scholarship and grant opportunities, a part time job, or some entrepreneurial tips, de-clutter the basement, make a repair, do some excercise.

I have an endless list of things that need to get done.
But they can wait till tomorrow.

There should be days where you are beholden to no one, to nothing.
Except perhaps to remind yourself of this knowledge…

That you are here.
That you are you.
And being here and being you is good.

Talk sweetly to yourself today. πŸ™‚

Namaste, my friends.


Consider being a Love Fairy.

What would it be like to be completely generous with your heart for a whole day?

Dispensing love to everyone you saw?

You could do this by silently wishing someone joy. By smiling. By saying a cheery hello. By complimenting someone on an article of clothing. By holding a door open. By letting someone ahead of you in line. By lending an ear. A shoulder. A hand.

Do not be selective on who you give love to. Do not determine whether or not someone is worthy of your time, attention, care, and love. Remove that responsibility from this day. Everyone you see gets the love treatment.

Do this without any expectation of anything in return. Nothing.
It’s an experiment. You’re simply collecting data.

Let me share what might happen.

It might make you feel free. Unencumbered. Light.
But what’s really weird is you might feel loved yourself.

The oddest thing about love is the more you give, the more it fills you. That’s because you are made from love. It is your natural state. Love is limitless and grows as you share it without judgement.

It is the most beautiful way to spend the day.

The quickest way to raise your vibration is to give out unconditional love.

Give it a go. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Know that your patience will likely be tested through the day. You’ll have to return to love over and over. It is a practice. That’s ok. Keep going.

Let me know how it went. πŸ™‚

Namaste, my friends.



Love is all that matters.

β€œAll love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is dying. Therefore love for love’s sake, because it is the only law of life, just as you breathe to live.”

~ Swami Vivekananda