Motivation. I want some of that…

I’m smack dab in the middle of a major life metamorphosis. It’s left me feeling pretty vulnerable.

But I knew I would feel like this. So I have something of a plan.

Here n lies the strategy of planning. If you don’t forever get bogged down in this stage, it is absolutely a god send when future you hits a snag, low point, or lack of motivation. At these times, you do not have the best decision making skills. You might go for the easy thing to feel better. Often this can keep you from progessing. Sometimes, it can derail you.

For example, if I know my brain does not wake up at the same as my body does, (and I do) it is vital I set up future me the night before. No different from when I was a child. Keys, lunch, shoes, perhaps a thought on what I might be wearing, all considered prior to that morning. I curse old me when I don’t do this.

Having a plan is like looking up GPS directions to a place you’ve never been before. It will give the turn by turn instructions on how to get where you want to go. And no, you can’t plan for every detour, accident, or delay, but it will help you make a better set of decisions when these things arise.

I feel inpatient, restless, lost, and uncomfortable in my own skin. But I knew I would, so I have a plan. It allows me to talk sweetly to myself. I know I will feel better. I already am feeling better. It will only continue to get better and better from here out, if I follow my plan.

Namaste, my friends. 🙂



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