Artsy Fartsy Stuff.

This evening I will view the final projects of my classmates and then my semester is over. I had no idea how much I would love school. Perhaps it’s because I had no expectation, other than I would be learning new things. Learning new things can be frustrating and just plain difficult, but I like that sort of challenge.

Yesterday, while in the lab working on my final project, I couldn’t make the simplest of edits and I had to admit I don’t know the software. Even a little bit. I went to retrieve my book and found no assistance in it. The more I contemplated the point of the final project, the more I began to wonder, is the final project suppose to reflect my knowledge of the program or is it suppose to reflect my ability to put together an editing idea? The answer mattered. If it was the former, I needed to fail the class. Plain and simple.

I went to find my professor to ask. I posed the question and he said that knowing the program was part of it, editing was the goal. I confessed that I didn’t know the program. Then I had a melt down. I would walk up to the edge of saying, “you are going to have to fail me” but I couldn’t say it. I told him I had become an expert at dealing with the technical side of the program, ie getting it to operate my piece on other hard drives, but not on the operation itself. He told me he was empathetic and that he knew I was making an effort and I needed to make more effort. Then he asked if he could help me in the lab. I told him yes. And when we got there, I found that the same efforts I was making were the ones he tried, too. They didn’t work either. That made me feel so much better, oddly. He saw what I hoped to do and we simply went around it. He gave me a push and I finish my art video.

I love it.

Here it is if you care to see it. 🙂

Namaste, my friends.



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