It’s his birthday.

Today is my father’s 82nd birthday. I’m not sure he wants me to publish that. My thought is if you’ve made it that far, I don’t think you have a choice. Celebration is in order.

My 82 year old father went bike riding a few weeks back and took a spill. He broke 3 ribs and punctured his lung. He also damaged his shoulder. Since then the lung and ribs have healed. The shoulder was damaged. He is contemplating whether he’ll have surgery. He will do his homework and make a decision based on his research.

His concern is that he won’t be able to pilot the plane he flies. Yep, he flies a plane. He’ll test how things are working next week.

Unfortunately, the high octane gas smell that sends him to the clouds with anticipation and joy, instantly refers me to motion sickness. I could not acquire his passion for airplanes because of it.

Even so, I appreciate the concept of flying. The joy of it. The freedom of it. I long to be able to jump and soar like a bird. On July 4th, I did a bungee jump of sorts off a 150 foot tower. It felt like flight. I wish it had been longer.
I’ve named my record label and my forth coming album, Soulflight. So even though I don’t fly the same way my father does, he definitely shared his love of flight with me.

Namaste, my friends.

Love, Pamela


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