Feminism and other isms.

This brings me to a thought. One I’ve heard during the recent topics of race inequality.

Inequality is a concept only understood by someone who feels mistreated by those in power. Those in power believe things are good as they are.

Looking deeper still, who do we define has the power? We seem to believe it is the white man. If you look only at wealth, and look exclusively in the US, this maybe true.

If however, you look at who is attending college, who is voting, who is in the work world, who is starting a new business this week, who has a voice and is not afraid to use it, women are now ahead of men.

I’m thinking of my 12 pound dog who was huge compared to the puppy that moved in next door. She let him know she was the boss. After he grew to be 55 pounds and could eat her for a snack, she could still get him to flatten himself like a pancake with a wave of her paw. He believed she had the power, so he gave it to her.

We are the grown puppy.
We have grown, evolved, and taken possession of our abilities.
We have everything we need.

If we are to believe the law of attraction, focusing on what is wrong,
gives us more of what’s wrong. It embeds what’s wrong.
Look for the bright spots. Devote your time to duplicating them.

I say, we have to stop waiting for permission.
We will never get it.


Namaste, my Friends.


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