Steps out of the hole.

When you feel slighted, whether it be big or small, it feels like injustice. You find yourself in a hole. There is no way to feel this without also feeling like a victim. There are steps to regain your power and take yourself out of the victim position.

1. Get out of your heart, and into your head. Acknowledge the problem.
2. Define potential remedies
3. Stand up for yourself. Do this by:
A. Voicing the remedy
B. Taking action toward the remedy
4. Stay logical, but let the injustice propel you.
5. There is a point when you have made every effort and you must let that effort propel the result.
6. When all efforts are exhausted, you must accept the situation.
In that moment, you will no longer be a victim regardless of the outcome. That’s because effort is all that really matters. The effort tells your soul you will take care of it. That you are a good protector. It also lets those who hurt you, understand you will not be so easy to hurt in the future.

Acceptance is the only way to be peaceful.

Throw more love at the problem, not less.

Namaste, my friends.



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