Perfectionism leads to failure

I have been busy and contemplative today.

I saw the hustle and bustle of Christmas. It seems there are the shoppers of Christmases prior to the economic fall in 08. We’ll see what the numbers say.

I’m not in the Christmas spirit. I am fighting feeling a lack of accomplishment. I recognize however, this is one of my sabotaging techniques. To have unrealistically high expectations of myself. When those expectations aren’t met as demanded, I shame myself. I’m working hard to speak sweetly to myself.

I think I’ll make myself a challenge. I’m challenging you, too.

I’m going to make a list of my successes this year. Then I’m going to make a list of my failures. Of those failures, I’m going to define why I think it was a failure. Then I’m going to rate the failure on a scale from one to ten. One being the worst, ten defining it only as a slight failure. Then I’m going to list something positive, if any, that came along with the failure. Finally, I’m going to assess if I can continue to view the failure as one.

I’ll post the results.

One conclusion I will reaffirm: Perfectionism leads to failure.

Namaste, my friends.



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