Everything’s just fine…

Today I got a long awaited call from my professor. He told me he didn’t mean to give me a B and said I deserved an A. He’ll correct it when he gets back to school. I am grateful and relieved. I feel now I can start scholarship applications. My academic record is now almost perfect, so that will open up opportunities for me.

I realize I spiraled out pretty severely when I believed he was disappointed in me, or in my work, or in my attitude. He of all people matter to me. His instruction is the first formal training I’ve received since middle school. I learned a lot from him. We struggled a few times. I had to learn to accept his training, which was a process for me. I also struggled with wanting to draw for him. There’s a line there… In life, you must work for your boss if you want to please your boss. If you make your boss happy, you will succeed where you work. This is difficult if your tendency is to work for the good of the company or for your own personal work ethic. Right or wrong, your focus needs to end with your boss. (If that is not your focus, perhaps you are an entrepreneur. 🙂

Same with professors. If you want a good grade, you must learn the way they teach. With art, this is a bit difficult. Ultimately, I knew he would like the end result if I drew it from my heart. If I drew to please him, it lacked authenticity and we were both unhappy with my work.

I am grateful and relieved that he agreed that I earned an A. More than I can express.

Namaste, my friends.



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