Need a Resolution? Why yes, please!

Turn from the negative…
Replace with a positive.

Going further…

The second you recognize what you’re hearing, saying, or thinking is negative, stop engaging in it.

Your coworker complaining about the boss?
Your friend gossiping?
Are you criticizing yourself?
Snipping at your children, your spouse, or partner?
Watching the latest news tragedy being repeated for the 40th time?
Reading your social network feed blaring all the inequities in the world one after another?

The second you recognize it, is the second you’ve had enough.
Turn from it and engage in something positive.

Kiss your spouse. Passionately.
Smile at your coworker.
Turn off the TV, computer, newsfeed.
Watch a cute video.
Listen to music.
Hug your kids.
Say I love you. To everyone.
Write down everything you love about your job.

When you turn from negative and replace with positive,
you are choosing love. This will raise your vibration.

Choose love.

Namaste, my friends.




About PamelaDevine

Pamela Devine is a singer songwriter, fine artist, and filmmaker. View all posts by PamelaDevine

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