Joy vs Productivity

I think the single most important book I’ve read was The Power by Rhonda Byrne. I actually listened to it via audiobook. I listened while I was working out. This was great, but there were times I had to stop to really listen. Or to listen to a section again. I can not recommend this audio book enough.

I often think, Everyone has to listen to this. It will change their lives, it will change the world. It’s so simple.

And it is so simple.

I am reminded though that people can only hear what they are ready to hear. Especially, when it means asking someone to question their core beliefs. Nothing will rattle, shut down, shatter someone faster. Napoleon Hill said several times through out his messages, that his advice will only make sense if you’re ready to hear it.

I’ll go a step further. They will make sense only if you’re ready to comprehend it.

The Power aims to explain why love is the answer. I think it does a very good job with that. There is a redundancy component to it. But after having just finished a semester with straight A’s (hell, yeah, I’m bragging) I can tell you when you’re attempting to truly learn something, redundancy is good. I had one professor who repeated each step three times. They were phrased slightly differently each time. It never bored me. Conversely, I had another professor who went through extremely complicated stuff once and took it personally when I had not used it enough to ingrain it and needed his help later.

Sometimes messages are shoved down our throat. But often, they are subtle. Subtle, yet redundant, like the first professor I illustrated.

The other thing about learning something new is that it must be practiced. And even after you have gained some skill, like Tony Robbins says, you must challenge yourself to incremental improvement. You must continue to challenge yourself.

Incremental improvement is what brings us joy.
Not productivity.


The good news is, you get to define what “improvement” is.

Namaste, my friends.



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2 responses to “Joy vs Productivity

  • onedayatatime

    I attended car sales training and they basically said, love people and you will sell lots of cars. They quoted the golden rule and all kinds of stuff. I want to test the theory out. I was floored. Slick and polished is out. Genunine, caring and loving is in in the auto sales industry.

    • PamelaDevine

      I find it interesting that auto sales and it’s industry are using truth, honesty, and kindness as a last resort! I have had some terrible auto buying experiences. It might take a while for folks to trust you. If you are committed to building relationships, you’ll do great. Don’t forget to tell happy customers to refer you to friends and family. That simple request really works. Good luck.

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