Diva is as Diva does…

I didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Too much coffee along with much contemplation.

I got into two unhappy discussions online yesterday. When I told a musician who had invited me to an open mic he was hosting, that I didn’t like going to open mics because I struggle to hear myself, he took it personally. I didn’t say that he was the problem, but that’s how he took it. I tried to calmly explain my position, but it ended with him saying, “Everyone told me what a difficult diva you are and boy were they right!” I could see he was going into abuse mode, so I told him I would not continue. I pride myself on fighting fair, even when the other does not. I owe it to my ancestors who gave me a decent IQ. After looking up the word, Diva, you know what? I’ll take it.


The other was a young woman I have never met who adamantly opposed my using the word “slavery” in association with addiction. I think addiction in all its forms is a type of slavery. I told her I would not reframe my use of it and that I would continue to connect those two concepts. She called me disgusting and ignorant. It was so over the top, I unceremoniously deleted her comments and her. It was an accusation that could only have been made by someone who doesn’t really know me.

Also, I am positive neither of these two would have said these things had we been face to face. You don’t have to look me in the eye when you insult me. I don’t have tone of voice, body language, or gesture to help with the interpretation.

I’m also reminded I just can’t make everyone happy. Especially when they want something and I tell them they are not going to get what they came to me for.

Let’s be kind to each other today.

Namaste, my friends.



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