Waiting for the future to arrive.

I’m learning a lot lately about being present.

I am goal oriented. Partly because prior to 2012 I didn’t know how to set goals. Once I was taught SMART goals, I was off and running. I knew without a shadow of a doubt all my dreams>goals could come to fruition with careful planning and consistent effort.

The problem with only focusing on the goal is that it may take a very long time to come together. And it most certainly won’t come together as you planned it. It may take so long you start to lose hope, or motivation, or energy. Or worse, focus.

I will probably never say I’m not going to focus on the end result, because I want the end result, but it has been shown to me in a myriad of ways that I am missing out on the now waiting for the future to arrive.

I’ve been so “nose to the grind stone” that I have forgotten to have fun. My art professor reminded me frequently to be playful. I remember looking at him and thinking, this is not fun. I take my work seriously. And that was his point. Too seriously.

When you aren’t playful in your work, when you’re too serious, it’s usually because you are being a perfectionist. In my case, I want the end result to be salable. Anytime you produce art with the focus on it’s salability,it has the potential to lose authenticity. It also prevents an artist from stretching.

I am reminded that my work must come from my muses and not my head, and while the road I travel is long, I must be present in the journey.

Namaste, my friends.


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Pamela Devine is a singer songwriter, fine artist, and filmmaker. View all posts by PamelaDevine

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