The letter.

I got a letter from my school today that congratulated me on making the dean’s list. It is exactly this sort of thing that needs my celebration. I originally wrote the following after the first line: “I figure my only job at the community college is to get As. I’m not confident when it comes time to do the required science credits, I will do so well, but who knows? I may love it. I will try to love it.”


You can see while writing that I had the realization I was not being kind to myself and I tried to change the tone. Ultimately, I saw I was diminishing this accomplishment.

One of the things we all must do is celebrate our successes.
That is not done with snide comments tacked onto the end of a perfectly lovely accomplishment.

So, today I will celebrate my letter from the dean.

I do feel good. Today I will figure out how to celebrate.

Namaste, my friends.



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