Quitting smoking: a pragmatic case for it and how to implement it. Part 1

I will not go into the reasons why you should quit smoking.

You know every one.

But I will say this, spend an afternoon with someone with emphysema. It is a disease waiting for everyone who smokes long enough.

Quitting smoking will liberate you in way you can’t even begin to imagine. You will be rewarded in ways that will surprise you. I’m not just talking monetarily or health wise. There is a reward waiting for those who end their slavery to nicotine addiction.

First, it’s important to understand as a smoker, you are addicted to nicotine. This is why no amount of logic has prompted you to quit. It isn’t about logic. However, ironically, it is logic that will help you quit.

Studies show it doesn’t take long to change a habit. You can use unsuccessful efforts to quit from the past, to help you.

My theory is that smoking provides a literal and figurative haze around your vision. It makes that which is unacceptable, acceptable. I believe this is why so many people find themselves angry when they quit. The fog is lifting. They can clearly see what’s there. While the intensity of the impatience and anger you have may feel over the top, the reasons behind the anger are legitimate. Many people find there are honest reasons for these negative feelings when they quit. If you understand this is a possibility, you can prepare for it.

As a nicotine addict, your body will pull out every trick to get it’s supply of nicotine. So, you have options. You can vape, patch, or chew nicotine instead. Doctors would say these are by far the preferred choice of nicotine administration. And from a completely medical standpoint, they seem to be correct. If however, you choose this method to quit, you will become addicted to the new method of delivery, so it must be considered temporary.

Understand the first week is probably the hardest. The next three weeks you are vulnerable. Oddly, six months later is a touchy one, because you think you have it licked. This can drop your defenses. The other vulnerable moment is when a significantly difficult life event happens.

The key is planning for each phase.

I recommend look at SMART goals when you’re ready.
I don’t need to rewrite these for you here is a quick visual for you.

Preparation is the key. Having a plan for those moments when you are tempted to light up, before hand, will give you a mindless go-to when it arrives.

Here’s an example. Think of the drummer in your favorite live band. When his stick breaks, he grabs another one from the supply of sticks he has at the ready, right? That supply of sticks is there because through experience, he has pragmatically planned for the failure of his current set of sticks. He doesn’t go to the gig hoping he won’t break the sticks. He doesn’t scold himself for breaking sticks. He doesn’t go to the gig without extra sticks. That’s because he knows what to expect when he plays a gig. His goal is to have a successful show. He knows that the best way for that to happen is to be prepared.

Quitting smoking is no different.

Let’s that soak in. More to come.

Namaste, my friends.



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