Meaning in the fall.

It is gorgeous, but a frigid sunny here today.

And, I tripped and fell on my back porch about an hour ago. I’d tell you how I did it, but it happened so fast, I really don’t know. At times like these I wish I had instant replay and perhaps a sports announcer to analyze the move…

I really disliked it. There was pain involved. Noises. Like cracking sounds. I thought I broke some things. Initially, I hurt enough I thought I broke my spine, nose, and toe. I’ve broken nothing. I’m going to the chiropractor this afternoon and he will, quite literally, straighten me out.

So, you know, this spiritual quest I’m on…
I need to find meaning in the fall.

Self sabotage? Perhaps.
A message to slow down? Could be.
Clean the crap off your back porch? Absolutely. 🙂

One of the women I worked with through out the years is a psychologist. I would throw stuff at her and get her take. She is so laid back and awesome, most of the time she’d shrug her shoulders and say, “Maybe.”

Once I popped into her office, after one client had left and before another had arrived and threw this at her..

I think everyone’s motivation is based on one of three things:
A fear of death
A quest for love
An avoidance of pain

She didn’t miss a beat.
“Yeah. That’s about it.”

Unless we were eating lunch that was usually the length of our conversations.

So, my fall today. It humbled me. It was frightening. I did some damage, but I will heal. I don’t hurt…too bad.

What did I learned?
Sunny days can be deceiving and clearing a path is sometimes necessary.

Namaste, my friends.



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