Throw more love on the fire


I was talking to a FB friend of mine. A man frustrated in love. I really fought giving him some tough love zen. But, you know, that would be an oxymoron.

So instead, I wrote this:
I completely understand how you feel. Then, last spring I got the audiobook, The Power, by Rhonda Byrnes. It changed my life. So, for some of us, we’ve been hurt so much we protect our hearts by being very selective as to whom we give it.

But what if instead, you give love to absolutely everyone without judging whether they are worthy of it? Without expecting anything in return? Without judging what the response will be to your expression?

I’ve been trying to practice this ever since. Let me tell you, it is a practice. Sometimes minute by minute.

It has changed my life. My view of the world. Most importantly all this love has made me love myself. I understand that the last man I loved who could not love me back isn’t bad, or wrong, or evil for not being able to return this love, he’s just not there. I can still love him. I also continue to dispense love to everyone I encounter, and that fills me. I have more love now than I ever have and I am not in a partnership. This is offering me time to determine who my next partner will be. I’m going to be very specific. And because I have an open heart, we will find each other. But there’s no hurry, because my love well is being filled everyday.

Namaste, my friends.



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