My contribution…

I learned something important about myself yesterday.

I think the only way I am, or can be, a contributor to the community, or to society, is in the way I currently do it- through music, art, and written word.

When I’m in a group or crowd and one or more people gets outraged, I want to shut that down. Especially when it’s about racism. It’s so big, it’s so historic, it’s so ingrained in our culture, and it’s so profitable, it isn’t going away anytime soon.

One thing I firmly believe is that analyzing the emotional history of it, and festering on the unfairness of it, and debating with those who deny it exists, is exactly what those for whom it profits want us to do.

When a thing that is clearly unfair lingers decade after decade, there is a motivation. It isn’t hate. Hate must be taught to each new born child. The hate taught is manipulation by someone. The puppet master. Who gains the most by this hatred continuing? It’s all about the money.

As I write this, I feel pretty sure a thesis is forming to prove this theory.
Some of us contribute to society by telling it’s story. By making sense of it.

But like anything in life, festering over why something is chronically unfair? That makes us each a victim of it.
I can’t sit there. I can’t stay there.

I want people to look deeper. Consider the push and pull behind it.
This where we can rip it apart, examine, and deconstruct it.

Namaste, my friends.



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