Tom Jones, the Grammys, and the Thrift Store TV

Gosh, the Grammys are bringing out the worst in my Facebook friends. When they started dissing Tom Jones, that’s where I draw the line. I loves me some Tom Jones. True story. 🙂

I understand how they feel. I haven’t watched the Grammys in many years. Every year, and I mean every year, I get a little disgusted at who wins. I realized this when one year I was being a bit pushy about watching it and my daughter told me I always turn it off part way through. While I had no memory of doing that every year, I believed her. She was mostly always right. And there was always a point when I guess I became overcome with jealousy that I had to stop watching. It’s not an emotion I’ve had too many times in my life. Even now it isn’t often. But when I do, it is the worst feeling.

BUT! That’s not why I’m not watching the Grammys tonight. I’m not watching it, because a year ago in January my thrift store TV died and I’ve decided not to replace it. I really didn’t watch much TV. If there’s ever a time I want to watch a show, I’ll call a friend.

My life has much improved without it.


Namaste, my friends.



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