Projects, an infographic, and submissions, oh my! 

Wow. I had a majorly chaotic week. So many projects due at the same time. I prepared 3 works for submission to the art show: an infographic on making a dream into reality and two short movies. I’ll know on Monday if any of them got in. I finished the infographic on Wednesday, by the way. Also, this week, I filmed my first art demo. A drawing of the eye. I’ll post it once I finish editing. I plan to do more of these. I’ll be like Bob Ross without the fro. 🙂

During all the stress of my week, after I finally finished my infographic which was easily 60 hours of work, it occurred to me that graphic design might just be the perfect job for me. It is a blend of creative, artistic, and intellectual skills that fills me in a way no one thing ever has. Initially, I really thought it was just whoring products, but I watched the documentary “Art & Copy.” In it, the truly successful designers found a reason to love the product, the company, or some aspect of it. They have the opportunity to literally shape societal norms. There was real artistry represented there and it gave me a new perspective. For the first time, I’m really excited about my decision to go into the field. It will help me expand my creativity and the income will fund them. I also really like the idea of being able to work from literally anywhere. (RV parked next to a body of water? Yes, please!)

Ah, dreaming of the future. 🙂 

Namaste, my friends.




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