This moment.

A couple of instances have come up for people lately that lead me to think they were illuminated so I can see them for myself. It’s this:

Life is happening now. 

While you’re waiting for the dream to come to fruition, while you’re getting the education to get the dream job, while you hunt for a better job, while you’re hoping the hot guy asks you out, while you hope for a financial wind fall…

Life is happening now.

We get one shot at this thing. It is short. How fast has 2015 gone for you? I have blinked and it’s almost May. So honor now. It’s yours wholly. You can count on it. That’s all you can count on. So try this. 

  • Go to the less than perfect job with your head held high. Honor it for what it does give you. It is an offense against life to stare at the clock and wish your life away. To dread going lowers your self esteem. And quite frankly, you’re not doing the people you serve any favors by being there with that attitude.
  • Take steps toward your goals everyday and celebrate/honor/acknowledge these actions. 
  • Consider tomorrow with the money you spend today. You’ll thank the you from yesterday.
  • Take yourself on a date. Take a leisurely bath. Use handmade soap. Dress yourself up. Go to the museum, to a film, to listen to live music. Make yourself dinner and make it pretty. 🙂


  • Eat nutritive foods. 
  • Move your body. 
  • Embrace your sensuality. 
  • Engage with others. 
  • Meditate. 
  • Show gratitude. 
  • Practice compassion. 
  • Laugh.

Today’s the day.

Namaste, my friends.




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