Monthly Archives: May 2015

On getting the love we need…

We are made from love.
We radiate love.
Love is our source.
It is our sustenance.
It is our only purpose for being.

If we put conditions on it,
we create tension, discord, and polarity
between it and us.

The only way to receive the love we need
is to be love.
To the people under our roof
whether it be home, work, or school.
To the people we encounter in our service.
To the people we see in the periphery
of our day to day lives.

But most important is to give love to yourself.
Only then, is your heart full.

Namaste, my friends.




I wonder about you.
I wonder how to make you less
of a presence in my life.

I wonder why you are here.
you surprise me.
I think I know myself
and then you show up.

It takes me days to figure out
it was you creeping up,
settling in,
doing what you do,
making my behavior so…




the opposite
of where I work to be…

I will illuminate you.
I know you better
everytime you show

me your tricks.

I know you better everytime
I face you head on.

one day,
one day, soon,

you will be replaced by courage.

simplicity is beautiful



it is quick to delight
it is easy to attain
it is authentic

it is lightness
it is freedom
it is a gift to unwrap
the layers that cover it

what is there, underneath it all?
the essence of being

the truth, naked

the truth in it’s simplicity,
and simplicity, is beautiful.

Some affirmations for you..

Sunflower, early summer of 2014 in an urban field on Delmar Ave, in St. Louis, Missouri where I unexpectedly met one of my Facebook friends for the first time.

I am free

There is time to do everything I need and want to do

I am loved

I am lovable

I am enjoying the fruits of my labor

I am successful 

I am proud of my efforts

I enjoy eating nutrient rich foods

Moving my body centers and balances me with the earth

I take good care of myself

I am learning 

I have more than enough money

I am practicing compassion and love

Opportunities are all around me

For today, I live and love without judgement


Feel free to add yours in the comments. 🙂 

Namaste, my friends.



Here’s my friend, Fay Taylor

This is Fay Taylor. She is my 15 year old 20 pound friend. She was super sick on Friday. The side of her face suddenly had a lump and her mouth was sensitive. I had hoped it was an abscessed tooth.  Unfortunately, she has a tumor in her mouth. On Friday the vet gave her antibiotics and steroids. The steroids have made her super dog. Her appetite returned and she’s running around like a puppy. Unfortunately, the tumor has changed very little. At this stage my goal is to make the rest of her life as high quality as possible.  


This look has been dubbed her “lost orphan” look. It has gained her much mercy over the years. 🙂 

Here’s a take on exercise you may not have heard before.

What I’ve learned about regular exercise… Like writing, it burns off the crap in the periphery, but it does it much faster than writing and with far less judgement regarding it’s execution and final results. 🙂 

In other words, it creates definition in more than one way. 

Movement helps me to appreciate my body and my mind. 

Namaste, my friends.



A little motivation for you…

Holy shit! Work on your dreams! Today! 

Time has a way of just slipping away. Get rid of your excuses! 

Stop poisoning yourself with unhealthy food. 

Get up and move your body. 

Live your purpose. If you don’t know what that is, that is your number one priority to figure out. Have fun while you’re doing it. 

Don’t take life, or your dreams, so seriously. Approach both with a sense of wonder, joy, and light heartedness.

If you fall down get your ass back up. Do not sit down there and tell yourself that’s where you live now. 

Look for resources. Look for people who are doing what you want to do. Study them. How are they doing it? Ask them for their time. For their help. 

Life is short. How fast has 2015 gone for you? Time will not go slower from this point forward. 

Take chances. Explore. Learn. Live.