Getting down to it…


 My art in 2015 has been an integration of hand and machine. This is because it has been exclusively graphic design. Because I am a fine artist, I will likely always sketch out my initial ideas and then throw them into Illustrator to refine them. This method is working well for me. With text on the other hand, I seem to have rejected choosing established fonts for hand illustrated text. I can not do this eloquently on my computer, but with the equipment at school, I have been creating text that is getting a lot of appreciation. It has bolstered my confidence in my handwriting ability. 

I am anxious to get back to fine art, though. I have drawn little since my figure drawing class in the fall and I have  almost done no painting since last summer. My canvas is calling me. 

The other thing I intend to do over the summer is finish recording my album. I’ve decided, I’m going to go into more of a blues direction for the remainder of my music career. It is a genre that one can grow old with. Like an long time lover. 🙂

Busy summer planned. About to get to it. 

Namaste my friends.





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