Onto the next thing…

This is bizarre. I have nothing I have to read. I have no looming test. The pressure is off. What’s done is done. What isn’t, ain’t. Some fun graphic stuff tomorrow and a tweek or two of the music video. A critique on Monday morning and voila! School’s over. Wow. As my daughter pointed out… My first ever full successful year of secondary education. 

The coolest part is, I’ve managed to circumvent having to say goodbye to most of my professors. My English professor is an author and screenplay writer who minored in film. He has agreed to look over my screenplay, once it’s done. I have agreed to cheerlead him on his way to authoring success. 

My psych professor is starting a consulting firm for women entrepreneurs. I offered to help her with branding and anything else she needs help with. I think having a psychologist put together a business success model is brilliant. She knows all of the emotional pitfalls of the process. I love start ups…

My graphic design professor has agreed to supervise a fully operational student design firm in which we provide our services to not-for-profits at no cost. I’ve already recruited 13 students to sign up. We start immediately. 

My video art professor will be recruited, too. He has a wealth of information I’ll need when I make my film. 

My graphic production professor has offered his help when ever needed. I will take him up on it. 

I love smart people. I intend to keep them close to me. My mentors. (I have to have many.)

Namaste, my friends.




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