A little motivation for you…

Holy shit! Work on your dreams! Today! 

Time has a way of just slipping away. Get rid of your excuses! 

Stop poisoning yourself with unhealthy food. 

Get up and move your body. 

Live your purpose. If you don’t know what that is, that is your number one priority to figure out. Have fun while you’re doing it. 

Don’t take life, or your dreams, so seriously. Approach both with a sense of wonder, joy, and light heartedness.

If you fall down get your ass back up. Do not sit down there and tell yourself that’s where you live now. 

Look for resources. Look for people who are doing what you want to do. Study them. How are they doing it? Ask them for their time. For their help. 

Life is short. How fast has 2015 gone for you? Time will not go slower from this point forward. 

Take chances. Explore. Learn. Live. 




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Pamela Devine is a singer songwriter, fine artist, and filmmaker. View all posts by PamelaDevine

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