Taking time for what matters most at this moment. 


This morning my disposition and confusion have cleared with the clouds. The sun has a renewing effect on my soul. It’s ironic, as I can’t be in the summer sun directly for more than 15-20 minutes without being burned. And yet, and yet, and yet…beyond the vitamin D infusion, there’s something about that lemon yellow light that fills my heart. Perhaps my dark side has always had a debilitating crush on the sun. 

On days like these, I am filled with piss and vinegar, ready to implement my plans for world domination, and catch up on all that has been neglected during the rumination. (Or should I call it roasting?) I have a flood of inspiration generally, all at once. My muses are bossy and frequently talk over each other. I must remind them, One at a time, please! 

However, life and death happens. And for all my energetic pullings, I am being grounded by Fay, my almost 16 year old dog. She has a tumor in her mouth. Her old body is failing her. Cancer is taking over. I’ve made a decision I want her to die here at home with me by her side. She will be buried in the backyard next to Pooky, the cat I had a love-hate relationship with for 18 years. 

So, I will stay close to home as much as possible for the rest of her days. She can lay next to me as she is now, while I work on my screenplay. I will be giving her extra love and permission to go, thanking her for her companionship, protection, and love she gave to me and my daughter for the last 15 years. Such a sweet gentle soul she has. 

Namaste, my friends.




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