A thought on relevance.


I think it’s important to be reminded that every article you’re asked to digest has an agenda. It might be to inform, but most hope to persuade you. Move you. Scare you. Propel you. Sell you. Some are meaningless drivel with a fascinating or inquiring headline written exclusively to get you to click. That way, they can then bill all the advertisers on the page for your visit. 

It’s safe to assume there is an intent with every writing. Consider this with every article you read. What is it’s  relevance to you? Even here. I admit I have an agenda. I ask you to think. To question. To explore. To decide. And of course, I preach my spiritual beliefs. I hope to remind you, frequently, that you are loved. That you are love. 

I am transparent.

So much of what is available out there is worthy of question. Not only it’s content, but whether you need to expose yourself to it. It’s okay to set limits about what you will expose yourself to. For example, on Facebook, I will remove all images of the abuse of people and animals. This includes anything prejudice or jokes about someone’s appearance. Too, if there a news story that is particularly divisive, I limit it.

It is part of your personal self care, to decide what you want to expose yourself to. This is important. Being joyful, and loving, keeps your body, heart, and mind healthy. Be loving to others and to yourself. 

Namaste, my friends.




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