The Accumulative Effect

I’m thinking about the accumulative effect tonight. 

Here’s the thing: the thing is uncomfortable. Like a pebble in your shoe. By you know, it’s just a pebble.

No big whup.

Maybe the thing is like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe the thing is like the butterfly effect. Ripple effect. The domino effect. 

After a day with that pebble in your shoe, your foot is going to suffer some damage. If you’re lucky, you’ll yell an explitive, stop, kick off your shoe, and pick it up and pour that pebble out of it, before, say, your foot has an infected festering wound. 

The accumulative effect is that idea that things build. They can be either positive or negative. In either, the next builds upon the former. Individually, the thing means little. But together, it’s bigger than the sum of its parts. Think body heat. 

This can be applied positively or negatively. If the thing is a pebble in your shoe, stop and get that thing the hell out of there. 

If it’s one step in a thousand, keep going. 

Namaste, my friends.



P.S. I forgot the snow ball effect.


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