An addition to this journey. 


I’ve lived a long time without a relationship. For most of that time it was by choice. It was a choice I made for my heart. I had a marriage that was an enormous disappointment. In fact, I felt really cheated by the fairy tale nonsense fed to me as a little girl. The idea that marriage would some how fill me in way I had not yet been filled. Marriage was so wretchedly disappointing, that I wanted nothing more to do with relationships. 

Then a former lover found me on Facebook in September of 12. I saw his name and the levy broke. A flood of emotion long dammed flowed out. I was not eloquent. I was not subtle. I was not restrained. I spent more than  two years trying to convince him we should grow old together. 

Wanting him, loving him, pursuing him, taught me a lot. First, that I want a life partner. That I want to have someone to give all this love to. That I have a well-spring of patience I didn’t know I had. That I’m a damned good writer. That I am devoted and loyal. That I love with my whole heart. I have also learned that if I am to attract the love of my life, I need to be open to him. I know that the love of my life is looking for me, too. I will not need to convince him of anything. 

Who is he? 

  • He is intelligent and always learning.
  • He has goals and ambition.
  • He is kind and capable of love.
  • He argues clean.
  • He is respected.
  • He has a spiritual life.
  • He takes care of his health.
  • He is funny.
  • He has a beautiful smile.

I don’t know what he looks like. I don’t know how old he is. I don’t know where he’s from. 

But I know he’s looking for me. 🙂 

This should be an interesting adventure. I may start a different blog just to document it. I’d ask you to wish me luck, but I don’t need it. 

Namaste, my friends.




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Pamela Devine is a singer songwriter, fine artist, and filmmaker. View all posts by PamelaDevine

2 responses to “An addition to this journey. 

  • acquiescent72

    I stopped by because of the pretty roses, but what you wrote was beautiful. 🙂

    • PamelaDevine

      Oh, thank you! I was on a mission this weekend to get some floral shots and I was fortunate to find a beautiful garden. Red roses are among my favorite. Thank you for the kind words about my post, too. I’m glad you stopped by…:)

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