Finally. A portfolio.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I can partly blame it on a lack of ease as my WordPress app is not saving drafts and is generally acting buggy. The other reason is I’ve been doing a lot of feeling lately. Feelings I have deferred for many years. I can only say that while this is progress, at the moment it feels pretty horrible. I have spent a great deal of time alone this summer and now I can see the benefit of it. Sometimes one simply needs to get a bit quiet and it won’t take long for things to come to the surface. 

This has been a difficult year. One of losses, and there is more to come. What I’m learning about loss, is that it is not only inevitable, it is right that something have a life span. A beginning, middle, and end. Otherwise we may not move from the place where we are. We may not grow to our full height. 

I have also come to the understanding that indecision kills opportunity. I have been mired in indecision regarding where I’ll go when I transfer to a 4 year university. My only real options are private schools. The cost is weighing me down, yet I see no other option. In talking with the head of the department of one of the school’s I’m looking into, he suggested I send him my transcripts and provide a portfolio. The latter had not yet been tackled. Honestly, I didn’t think I had enough material to represent myself. This request forced me to consider it. Off the top of my head, I thought of 5 projects and as I continued, I learned the hosting site offered support for music and film, too. Before I knew it I had more than enough material and I think it represents my creative skills well. The best part is while I have zero dollars to show for all my hard work, I have the actual work to show for myself and these tangibles will assist me in showing my capabilities. 

So, here it is. Presented very simply and without fanfare. 🙂 

Namaste, my friends.




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