Fear and it’s side effects. 

When we are uncomfortable, when we are anxious, when we are in pain, when we feel like a victim, we are often coming from a position of fear. We fear what we can’t control. 

We fear the aquistion and retention of love.

We fear pain.

We fear death.  
Almost all of our actions come from one of these three fears. 

Someday, I’ll write a thesis on this, for now I’ll let you ponder it.

The remedy to fear is to remind yourself that you are wholly loved right now without regard to anything that you do, what your roles are, how much you’ve accumulated, how you appear, what your knowledge is, how old you are, or whether or not another single person knows you exist. 
By virtue of being on this planet, you were designed. 

You are made of love. 

Here’s the important question:

What will you do with this love?

Namaste, my friend. 




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Pamela Devine is a singer songwriter, fine artist, and filmmaker. View all posts by PamelaDevine

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