Things I think about while waiting for my turn at Open Mic night.

 1. Why am I here?

2. Why didn’t I bring a friend with me so I’d have someone to talk to? 

3. Is it worth the wait? 

4. Whose smoking a cigarette? 

5. What will I sing this time? (This is joke, I sing the same songs every time.)

6. My friend’s dad is usually here. Not tonight. I never thought I say I miss my friend’s dad. 🙂

7. I need to stop coming to open mics. 

8. I hope I don’t blow out my voice when I get my turn. 

9. Open mic makes me grumpy. 

10. I feel uncomfortable when a guy stares at me because I’m sitting here by myself. But only a little bit. Stare all you want, dude. This makes me laugh! 

11. The weather is perfect. 

12. I have data, so I can look up lyrics. 

13. It gives me a chance to catch up on my blog. 🙂 


Namaste, my friend.




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Pamela Devine is a singer songwriter, fine artist, and filmmaker. View all posts by PamelaDevine

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