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The smile I’ll miss

 This is Fay Taylor. She was born September 18, 1999. She died today.

She was a constant companion to my daughter and me. A fantastic watch dog, a sweet love bug, and a horrible flirt. Fay never met a man she didn’t love. She was smart and also smiled. It was one of the things that made her so special. 

When you get a puppy you never think into the future to this day. It has been so terribly sad.

Namaste, my friend. 




Here’s my friend, Fay Taylor

This is Fay Taylor. She is my 15 year old 20 pound friend. She was super sick on Friday. The side of her face suddenly had a lump and her mouth was sensitive. I had hoped it was an abscessed tooth.  Unfortunately, she has a tumor in her mouth. On Friday the vet gave her antibiotics and steroids. The steroids have made her super dog. Her appetite returned and she’s running around like a puppy. Unfortunately, the tumor has changed very little. At this stage my goal is to make the rest of her life as high quality as possible.  


This look has been dubbed her “lost orphan” look. It has gained her much mercy over the years. 🙂