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What do you want? 

A friend of mine recently said something cryptic about getting hooked by a distraction that always pulls him away.

He could have been referring to anything: love, success, happiness, peace, satisfaction…

This morning I was thinking about his words wondering what specifially he meant when it occurred to me the only distractions we have, are those we allow. 

If you aren’t sure what you want, everything is an option. Everything is a possibility. Everything is a distraction. 

If you know what you want, very specifically, it becomes your focus, very clearly.

For example, if I say, I will have my album finished by March 5, 2016 at 5 p.m., that’s pretty clear. If I add that it will include 10 songs and all package design, that’s really specific. 

It’s also a declaration. 

Now I know my primary focus for the next three months. So when a distraction presents itself, it will be quickly evaluated. Does it fit with my goals? Will it prevent me from attaining my goals? Will it help me attain my goals? By having a clear definition of my goal, I will have a laser sharp view of where I want to be. All the distractions become part of my periphery.

People often don’t do what they say they want to do because they tumble weed along, evaluating opportunities as they present themselves. This is a little like trying to decide what to eat for dinner when you’re hungry.  The way to create long term success is to plan for it. So…

What do you want? Write it down. Be specific. Let it be your recipe for success. 

Namaste, my friend. 




My new voice.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day. I had a photo shoot at a home about 40 miles from mine. The sky was the most amazing shade of blue and the clouds were puffs of cotton high in the sky. The sun was selective shining on specific spots to illuminate them to anyone paying attention. Everywhere I looked, I saw beauty. I made notes where I would shoot once I was done with my paying job. 

The family I worked with was so gorgeous, I could hardly stand it. The woman soon to give birth, the man so proud, and a boy 8, excited to have a sibling. The baby is a girl. I told the boy she will think he is the coolest person alive and want to go everywhere he does. His eyes got wide. “Really?” He asked. I assured him it was all true. The woman looked like a goddess. I can’t wait for them to see the shots. 

On the way home, I stopped at a park where there are ancient indigenous burial mounds. The first thing I saw was a pond with dragon flys dancing everywhere. I walked further and found a swamp. Had I had waiters, I would have gone in for photos. The quality of today’s sunlight was so special, that even a dark place like the swamp had an illumination that reflected the sky. I found several sights I was not expecting, and on the way back, this dragon fly stopped and posed for me. 

When I got back to my car I took a minute to look at all the images I shot and I cried tears of joy. The process of photography is a special new voice I have as an artist that is allowing me to see beauty I would not otherwise see. It asks me to stop and look in a way I never have before. I see beauty everywhere. And if you read my previous post you know, the remedy to fear is to look for the beauty. This new gift allows me to cull the beauty I see and frame it in a way that asks the viewer to focus the spot of it I see. It has become a lovely freedom and joy. 

Namaste, my friend.



Fear and it’s side effects. 

When we are uncomfortable, when we are anxious, when we are in pain, when we feel like a victim, we are often coming from a position of fear. We fear what we can’t control. 

We fear the aquistion and retention of love.

We fear pain.

We fear death.  
Almost all of our actions come from one of these three fears. 

Someday, I’ll write a thesis on this, for now I’ll let you ponder it.

The remedy to fear is to remind yourself that you are wholly loved right now without regard to anything that you do, what your roles are, how much you’ve accumulated, how you appear, what your knowledge is, how old you are, or whether or not another single person knows you exist. 
By virtue of being on this planet, you were designed. 

You are made of love. 

Here’s the important question:

What will you do with this love?

Namaste, my friend. 



we know nothing.   

We really don’t know anything.

We make assessments on almost no information. Often, we must. There are things about a trusted person that you will never know. Things that will die with them. Things if known, you may not have offered your trust at all. There are choices people make at precise moments based on their limited view. We are moving forward, so often we don’t reflect back to see what we have left in our wake. And other times, a thing is so small we can’t see it without looking closer or from a different perspective. 

Like my friend here. I didn’t see him til after the shot. Then and only then, could I bring my full attention to him and allow him to shine. 

Sometimes what we see is hard to look at. Sometimes what we’re shown is hard to look at. We are given something we didn’t expect and don’t know what to do with. And perhaps worse, are those things taken without the intent to give. We are left with our violation. Our mistrust. Our fear. 

We don’t know anything. 

They say that love is blind. It is. As it should be. It is in this blindness that our humanness is forgiven. 

Love’s only assessment is to be allowed. To be in the flow. To prevail. To shine. It does this when you allow it. When it is untethered from our assessments. 

Freeing the flow of love is the ultimate challenge: Loving when you know nothing.

Namaste, my friend.



You are made of love.

I so want to share with you.

But I am fixated on painful thoughts, negative thoughts, thoughts of confusion. This is not what I wish to share with you. My goal, my aim, is to be positive and loving, with a gentle push to encourage you to go where you want to go. 

Mostly, when I’m writing lately, it comes out far too personal, far too injured, and not what I want to hand to anyone.

At times like these I must remind myself many times a day: I am made of love. 

You are made of love too. 

Maybe that’s all I ever need to say to you. 

Thank you for reading. 🙂 

Namaste, my friend. 




I wonder about you.
I wonder how to make you less
of a presence in my life.

I wonder why you are here.
you surprise me.
I think I know myself
and then you show up.

It takes me days to figure out
it was you creeping up,
settling in,
doing what you do,
making my behavior so…




the opposite
of where I work to be…

I will illuminate you.
I know you better
everytime you show

me your tricks.

I know you better everytime
I face you head on.

one day,
one day, soon,

you will be replaced by courage.