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The verbal push

One of my first full time jobs was as a receptionist for a shady insurance company. They were perpetually hiring new sales people. They knew who they wanted to hire. It was an average white male. If it was anyone else that came to the interview, they would “blow” that person out. That meant they would make the job sound so unappealing, that the person would usually walk away and never return. They would tell them the hours were from 9 am to midnight. That it was straight commission. That it would be months before they would see their first paycheck. I learned a lot about the art of the verbal push. 

People are generally kind when they want to draw someone to them. And conversely, are unlikable when they want to push someone away.  The problem with the latter is that the person on the receiving end of this treatment will be confused and humiliated. But perhaps that doesn’t matter to the one doing the pushing. I’m betting not. 

The addendum to this post is that it is not my job to judge why someone speaks the way he does. It’s my job to dispense love. That is my mission. 

Namaste, my friends.