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Ok. Maybe one more. 



we know nothing.   

We really don’t know anything.

We make assessments on almost no information. Often, we must. There are things about a trusted person that you will never know. Things that will die with them. Things if known, you may not have offered your trust at all. There are choices people make at precise moments based on their limited view. We are moving forward, so often we don’t reflect back to see what we have left in our wake. And other times, a thing is so small we can’t see it without looking closer or from a different perspective. 

Like my friend here. I didn’t see him til after the shot. Then and only then, could I bring my full attention to him and allow him to shine. 

Sometimes what we see is hard to look at. Sometimes what we’re shown is hard to look at. We are given something we didn’t expect and don’t know what to do with. And perhaps worse, are those things taken without the intent to give. We are left with our violation. Our mistrust. Our fear. 

We don’t know anything. 

They say that love is blind. It is. As it should be. It is in this blindness that our humanness is forgiven. 

Love’s only assessment is to be allowed. To be in the flow. To prevail. To shine. It does this when you allow it. When it is untethered from our assessments. 

Freeing the flow of love is the ultimate challenge: Loving when you know nothing.

Namaste, my friend.



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