About Pamela Devine | Music . Film . Art

I am self-employed in the arts. I am a singer singer-writer, a fine artist painter, and a filmmaker. I live in St. Louis, Missouri.

Here’s an a capella original song on video: Pamela Devine on YouTube
Music: Pamela Devine on ReverbNation
Film: What is Love?
And my website: Pamela Devine | Singer Songwriter, Artist

I am on a Journey.

This blog is going to chronicle my journey. I’m calling my journey my soul-flight. This flight started in the beginning of 2012 and as flourished ever since. Almost nothing of the old remains. I have begun to arrange and record my original music (see links above.) A task I would never have believed I was capable of. Since September, I have lost over 100 pounds. I left a job in which, I desperately did not fit, to become self employed. I fell in love. With his help and encouragement, I now see the wisdom in focusing on the positive, on gratitude and using positive affirmations. I added daily exercise. I cut out non food, dairy, wheat, grains and sugar (with a few exceptions.) Most importantly, I woke up. I decided if I was going to live another 30 years, I wanted it to be of the highest quality.

Part of this flight includes listening to the messages I get from the many friends I have. If you’re reading this, that includes you. My friends are positive, strong, intelligent people who are on a path toward success. Success as he or she defines it, not how society defines it. The messages I receive from such people, especially when it is the same message from several sources, are heard loud and clear. I have learned it will be to my benefit to listen and incorporate.

Welcome to my soul-flight. My goals with this blog are to encourage and inspire and educate. To get you thinking, to plant seeds, to encourage you to share with me (because I need it,) and to share love and art.


With love,



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